Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Green Bag

So last summer I invested in (well hardly invested it was my very proud bargain find) of a vintage tan rucksack, and for those of you who frequently browse my 'Today I'm wearing' posts you are probably sick of seeing the infamous bag. Versatile with everything, a handy size for weekend events (nothing gets lost in it - perfect size :) ) and that lovely worn look about it - I'm sure you've guessed its pretty safe to say that I love this bag. 

Forgive my slightly one sided opinion here to any guys reading this but a bag to a woman is like water to a fish, its that one statement accessory that HAS to be a part of every outfit - where would your phone, keys, purse, diary, pens, mints, ipod....)you get my point) go without it? From fast fashion, on trend buys from the high street to investment, lifelong friends at the designer end of the budget as cheesy as it may sound....a bag makes your outfit.

So my whole point of this post is to bring your attention to the up and coming designer bag label 'My Green Bag' based in Shoreditch. They both design and produce stylish whilst at the same time sustainable (a message they feel very passionate about) handbags, from satchels and rucksacks to totes and accessories and due to the quality of materials used no bag is ever the no worrying about turning up to meet your friend for coffee and cringing as you both place your handbags down :) 

Head over to their website at 
Here's a taster...enjoy


 Safari Rucksack £70.00
Leather Hiking Rucksack - £150.00

Classic Leather Satchel £46.00

The Office Satchel £98.00

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