Thursday, 22 September 2011

The good old traditional way

I was on holiday last week in Molyvos, a small resort on the outstanding island of Lesvos in Greece. It was back to basics in every way and it was GREAT!!!! Replace 'tacky' karaoke bars with chilled out cocktails terraces, McDonolds with fresh mezze's and vile packed 'strips' with a classy little harbour - perfect!!!!!! Obviously doing the job I do I feel I am constantly on a comp shop and find it especially interesting when in new/different places observing the way they merchandise in such different ways. I've attached a few photographs of some of the shops in which as you can see the majority of the stock is on the roadside - traditional, cluttered and aimed at the tourist!!!!

Favourite looks - its been a while!!!!

Love how simple this outfit is, slouchy knit teamed with ultra skinnies and a basic pair of 'worn' cons - great

Black on black - my fav with a hint of a contrasting colour/print

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hidden tressure

I spent the day in Birmingham yesterday and cannot believe I have never been in this shop before, outstanding silhouettes, amazing fabrics and all at such great prices for the amazing quality and originality of the designs. Visually the shop looked stunning, with colour stories being the main split throughout the floor as it is clear to see the company have their very own unique style in terms of garment design rather than trend followers - definitely a shop to pay more attention to from now on -  Here are a few examples: 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Greedy for Green

Everything I seem to want to buy the last few weeks have all been in the same colours, it started on blue, then burgundy and this week its been green, below are a few of the key pieces which may have to be purchased this weekend (and like most of my choices they are from the usual shops :) 






Hats off to you

My favourite must have accessory so far for A/W11 has to be a felt hat, however I am almost terrified at the thought of buying one (never mind wearing one)which is very un-like me, if only I could rock one Alexa this space as to if - no WHEN I get one :)