Friday, 21 September 2012

So this has ended up being a post about Burgundy!!!!

This has accidently ended up being a shrine to the Autumn/Winter shade that is Burgundy...With pay day only a week away (hurry up) and a much thicker, warmer, chunkier (have I justified enough yet) wardrobe very much needed, this post was supposed to be a snippet of the key pieces I'll be investing in over the coming weeks, however true 'Sophie' style I head straight to the deep, warm pallets of burgundy (several tones maybe but still Burgundy)and still TOPSHOP!!!!! (of course)

I will obviously need a nice new winter dress to replace the ever worn tie-dye jersey of the summer

I will obviously need to keep my head warm...well I can pretend thats what its for

I will obviously need a daytime to evening jumper

I will obviously HAVE to have a new pair of boots

Up on the roof

Miserable, grey, rainy, Friday afternoon in the middle of September...who would of thought that 6 days ago we were still basking in (well maybe a slight exaggeration but I was in the garden in a strapless dress on Saturday afternoon anyway) It seems pretty safe to say that with the dullness of today and the chills of the last couple of days that Summer (or what we saw of it yet again) has left us for another year. So to cling onto the hopes of an Indian least until we hit October heres a very belated post on an outstanding summer venue for evening cocktails.

Its hard to believe that in the midst of busy Regent Street you'd be able to find somewhere as tranquil, chilled and definitely a place to be seen. Aqua Spirit overlooks Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Argyll Street....well Soho in general from its fabulous rooftop location. Exotic cocktails, refined, holiday reminiscent sounds and if your lucky enough to time it right an amazing sun filled skyline of the capital city.

Lets pray for some crispy autumn lunchtimes/ evenings so that we dont have to leave it another year before returning. 

All photographs are my own

Branching out...

My first 'external post' was published this morning for EXCITING. Once a week I shall be contributing a post relating to the high street, trends, where to find key pieces etc....dont panic though, I will still be littering your twitter pages, facebook walls and tublr screens with constant outfit posts, must haves as usual. Please check out the website at the link below

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Black lace overlay...Check
Colour of the season - purple...Check
Sleeves (for those less arm confident in the summer without our healthy summer tans)...Check
Elegance yet also 'rocky'...Check
£40 from French Connection...Check

Yes you read that last one correct, French Connections LFW dress this season checks all the boxes against this Autumn/Winters must have style, colour and fabric and at £40 its a total snip

All photographs are my own

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What I'm wearing this week

If you hadn't already guessed (by my numerous posts today and my constant blabbering on about it) I AM AT HOME THIS WEEK :) :) ) and loving every second of it...waking up in my own bed every morning, breakfast every morning with mum, watching EastEnders in the oh so familiar routine we have and having time to myself to go for runs, walks and blog!!! Here will be used as a visual dairy of my outfits this week. 

Saturday 15/September/2012 - My journey home

Jeans...Jamie Topshop, Vest...Urban outfitters, Jacket...Rokit, Jewellery...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage

Saturday 15/September/2012 - Our first 'girly' night out in four months.....Derby style

Trousers...Topshop, Tee-shirt...H&M (customised myself), Jewellery...Topshop, Boots...Topshop

Sunday 16/September/2012 - Leisurely Sunday walk around Town (Nottingham) with Cosmopolitans in Saltwater and Lunch at Slug and Lettuce with my parents

Dungarees...Topshop, Knit...Topshop, Shoes...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage, Scarf...Topshop, Jewellery...Topshop

Monday 17/September/2012 - Afternoon lunch and drinks with my favourite VM team

Shorts...Levis, Blouse...Monki, Cardigan...Topshop, Shoes...Topshop, Jewellery...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage

Tuesday 18/September/2012...Charity Quiz Night-New Inn Newthorpe

Outfit...Topshop, rucksack...Vintage

Wednesday 19/September/2012...Lunch and an overdue catch up with Louise (Fatcats)

Outfit...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage

Thursday 20/September/2012
Lunchtime coffee and Scone with Jenny - Bottle Kiln

Shorts...Levis, Jacket...Rokit, Shirt...Topshop, Belt...Rokit, Rucksack...Vintage

Friday 21/September/2012...Food shopping, doctors apointment - general ambling around

Experimental outfit shots (as previously used....which do we all prefer? Or is it nice to have a combination?

Jeans...Topshop (Jamie), Knit...Urban Outfitters, Shirt...Topshop, Belt...Ted Baker, Jewellery...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage, Shoes...Topshop

Saturday 22/September/2012...Shopping with Dad

Dress...Tophop Boutique, Shirt...Topshop (customised collar), Accessories...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage

All photographs are my own