Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holiday outfits

A little slow of me, but heres a few outfit posts from my week in the sun (you can tell I had uniform left, hence complete Topshop outfits :) )

Whole outfit...Topshop

Whole outfit...Topshop

Dress...Topshop, Wedges...Topshop, Necklace...French Connection, Bandeau top...New look

"Lets go to the beach, lets all get a wave"

Crashing, rolling, colliding and breaking - I found myself with a desire to photographing and recording the waves whilst at the beach on holiday, from the soft ripples to the noisy gushes as they made there colourful way to shore, the artistic foam shapes were something I couldn't get enough of!!!!

Friday, 30 March 2012


Going hand in hand with my holiday drinks blog comes..............yes you guessed it the food blog :) :)

The most AMAZING sole I have eaten

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Holiday outfit posts coming soon.....

You've all probably guessed that this time last week i was sipping sangria by the blues :-( outfit posts will be up by the end of the week - ill spare you of the 400 photos i took xx

Happy hour :)

So heres blog number one from what can only be described as an absolutely fabulous week away and of course in true holiday style everyone's favourite past time on holiday.....Happy hour, classic cocktails, wild cocktails, sangria by the glass/ litre/ carafe, local larger and of course a cheeky glass of wine 

First of many holiday drinks

When in Spain, do as the Spanish :)

Only the best

Post dinner - limencello

1 of quite a few Mojitos

A girls favourite....Cosmopolitan

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hello sun :)

As the grey clouds begin to roll in on what has been a pretty lovely Saturday afternoon (considering rain had been forecasted all day) Jack and I managed to squeeze in a quick 5 mile bike ride in the broken sun and crisp wind as we sped down hills, well my evening now comprises of packing my suitcase, sorting playlists on my iPod, fishing through accessories and all ending in a viewing of 'Twilight - breaking dawn' with the first of many glasses of red for the week ahead. 
Heres a snippet of 'holiday tunes' for you all to imagine lying on a beach to :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Video of the weekend

Suitcase additions :)

In a desperate bid to get some inspiration regarding my nightmare holiday outfits I surprisingly had a very good 'uniform shopping' session before starting work last night and managed to come away with a potential four outfits :) excellent....and all in the space of half an hour - if only all shopping trips could be that easy :) 

 Images are my own

Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's absolutly essential to have a new wardrobe for holidays right???????

So.....for those of you who didnt know I fly off to the sun for a week of relaxing, sunbathing and cocktails on Sunday (and it cant come quick enough!!!) My original plan was to only buy the 'holiday necessities' in a bid to try and save money (as it was only September when I last went - I didnt need to buy anything else????) Well yesterday afternoon saw me trying to customise outfits together and I have never been so unhappy with my holiday collection....dresses (only a few weeks old) seemed too 'night out' as opposed to lazing in a cocktail bar chic, my fav maxi dress of last summer appeared to 'I'm on holiday so wearing a maxi dress' and my array of boho inspired jewellery isn't as big a collection as I remembered. As my last night shift of the week (and break up day) draws nearer, thank god for not spending all my uniform choices at once, maybe I should head into town now.....I only have 4 hours before work starts.........

Heres a few of the pieces I'm hoping (praying) look nice and can resolve my outfit dilemma!!!!! Happy holidays