Sunday, 24 February 2013

J is for...Juergen Teller 'WOO'

A lovely crisp 'spring' sunday morning in February, the sun is shining (I mistakingly underestimated its heat opting for a leather jacket), a stroll through Trafalgar square and off to meet Kim for a wander through the Juergen Teller exhibition WOO at the ICA. Kate moss cramped into a wheelbarrow, Victoria Beckhams legs sticking out of the bottom of an oversized bag and an oversized image of a naked Vivienne Westwood mixed with personal family photographs and short sentances telling of childhood exhibiton with a great mix of glamour and 'normal' well worth a quick view


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A few of my favorite things

"Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens"...ok so maybe its more like 'collar tips and blusher'...these are a few of my favourite things. From Marc Jacobs 'Dot' (another amazing bottle to add to my collection of Daisy, Daisy fresh and Lola) to colour enhancing, cheek tint in 'Primetime' and chunky jumpers/ scarfs...anyone guess what time of year it is? Its the little things that make 
you happy after all :)

"When the dog bites, 
when the bee stings, 
when Im feeling sad. 
I simpley remember my favourite things 
and then I dont feel so bad"

All photographs are my own

Video of the week...13.2.13

A chilled out one this week...cant decide whether I want tickets to see her in March (Koko)...what do you think? 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 for Ice bar (Below zero)

C...Cosmpolitans from wedges of ice
E...Eskimo like atire in the forms of thermal cloaks with fur trim and gloves
B...Below zero temperatures
A...Arctic interiors
R...Ring up and amazing evening cocktail experience

Below Zero - 33-35 Heddon Street, London
Nearest Tube: - Oxford Circus / Piccadilly Circus

Photographs are my own

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Recent outfit posts

Coat...Topshop, Jeans...Topshop (Jamie, Shirt...Topshop, Jumper...H&M, Shoes...Camden Market
Jeans...Topshop (Jamie), Jumper...H&M, Shoes...Camden Market, Rucksack...Vintage, Necklace...Topshop
Shorts...Levis, Shoes...Topshop, Blouse...Appletree Boutique, Necklace and belt...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage

Thanks to my internet not working properly for the last few weeks (either that or im just very inpatient at how slow it was taking) I have a back log of outfit posts...heres a few :)

What I'm wearing today...26/Jan/2013

Sat 26/Jan/2013...Hampstead heath, Primrose Hill, Camden and early evening drinks in Piccadilly

Jumper...Urban Outfitters, Shirt...H&M, Jeans...Topshop (Jamie), Shoes...Camden Market, Scarf...Urban Outfitters, Rucksack...Vintage

H is for...Happy New Chinese year (Harrods style)

If ever a calender occasion deemed worthy or colour, texture, print and WOW...Harrods have ticked every box with this years Chinese New year windows.

An abundance of colours light up the majority of the windows, complementing those more subtle ones who shy away from the bold, richness and offer a more classy, rich, wealthy feel by adorning themselves in creams, golds, ambers and rust shades. My favourite (or is this bias from a girl) the dragon and its many pairs of shoes...ten pairs of legs stretch out from this over sized creature all delicately displaying some amazing pieces of shoe making art. Layers of ruffles, fabric manipulations, texture combinations (wow I feel like I'm back at college and analysing one of Dior's dresses) portray hours of craftsmanship (most people would question if its all worth it...obviously not as into the fashion industry as we all are) so if you get a spare ten minutes to go and view these Id definitely recommend it.


H...Happy new year
A...Animals galore 
R...Rich colours
O...Ornate prints
D...Display at its finest
S...So worth seeing


All photographs my own

Sunday, 3 February 2013 for Gods own junkyard (Chris Bracey)

For once not being able to read my favourite (not just because its free) weekly magazine on the day it is actually released worked in my favour.
To set the scene...bitterly cold January Saturday saw my obligatory (new year new me) morning gym session followed by a very wrapped up wonder around Broadway market, a much needed coffee stop and then a trip to Stratford Westfield (I didn't mean to purchase more knitwear but the weathers just too cold) So finally warming up on a Saturday evening, Ed Sheran on repeat (I cant shake that album off) a nice glass of red and the time has come to ponder through my mag.....and as luck has it an exhibition on its final day tomorrow....Perfect!!! With a quick trip into central already planned before another very cold walk (Hampstead Heath this time though) what an excellent diversion to add to the day. 
Chris Bracey's 'Gods own junkyard' was a pop up exhibition on Beak Street at the far end of Carnaby Street. Neon lights, old cinematic signage, retro advertisements and an intriguing "downstairs closed for photoshoot' (how i would of loved to of been a fly on the wall) a great addition to my Sunday morning.


*Photographs all my own*