Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cafe Bar Art

Our late Saturday afternoon / early evening couldn't of differed any more than our historical Berlin morning. We began the day navigating our way through the holocaust memorial and ended finding nucks and cranny's down some of Berlin's most arty streets. 
Our first stop - Cafe Bar Art, situated on the Oranienburger Strasse. The coffee smells lear you in, the chilled out ambiance keeps you in and the modern yet crafty and slightly retro interior never wants you to leave. Cushions randomly placed on the stairs, a huge multicoloured glass light shade overhanging the counter and lounge sounds make it one of those 'happy places' you could quite easily sit and relax in all afternoon. A coffee and piece of cake later and we have to leave - we only have 3 days here after all!!!!

 All photographs are my own

History meets Art - East side gallery - Berlin

I hold my hands up at the fact that just over a week ago my knowledge of historical Berlin was pretty poor!! 
Yes I knew about Hitler (although not the story) 
And yes I had an inkling about the wall - I will now never forget the date 1989 (for those of you who don't know - the year it came down)
I cant say history has ever been one of my fave subjects, however whilst in Berlin we found the perfect combination to keep me interested - Art on the Wall!!!!!

East side gallery is a 1.3km stretch of the original Berlin Wall, sitting alongside the river Spree it has been transformed into an outdoor art gallery. The paintings covering this iconic landscape portray a time of change and express great hopes for a better, more free future for all people of the world.


All photographs are my own

My run in songs

So my Sunday morning lie in (ok so 830 isn't a lie in to most you)is being cut short tomorrow as I have to be in Shipley country park for 930 to sign and get my running details for the annual Heanor 10km christmas pud race. Weather forecasts are looking pretty good, fingers crossed the blue skies and sunny Novemeber weather holds out for perfect running conditions. 
Heres a few off my running playlist.
Disclosure - Help me loose my mind

Groove Armada...Superstylin

Robert Miles....One and one

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The sweets of Berlin

Bonbonmacherei - situated in a tucked away alley just off the Oranienburger Strasse. 
Delicious sweets are made here using vintage equipment, the most famous recipe is the typical Berlin confection Maiblatter (made from May leaves) With a very sweet tooth for the sugar variety, Louise and I headed here late Saturday afternoon, we knew we were in the right place as a tribe of 5/6 year olds starting emerging from some underground steps!!!! With a wall full of a variety of flavours from liquorice to banana, apple to mint and gift packaged bundles, we opted for a 'pick n mix' style selecting a couple of each flavour and all for the bargain price of 2 euro 50. A demonstration was under way and we were able to sample one of the freshly made sweets - still quite warm!!!!!
When it comes to sweets we are definitely a pair of big kids!!!!!

All photographs are my own

The streets of Berlin

A city full of art, Berlin's streets ooze artistic flair, from graffiti street art to layering of marketting material, a city full of bikes (always providing that bohemian feel) and life like murials using the brick work as a canvas....there are no dull streets here, every corner you turn is like entering a different artisit's studio. 

 All photographs are my own