Sunday, 20 January 2013

Recent outfit posts

It seems a lifetime ago since I posted outfits on here...and like all my posts as of lately they are here in abundance now.

Shirt...H&M, Dress...Topshop, Jewellery...Topshop, Belt...Rokit

Blouse...Appletree Boutique, Dress...All Saints, Necklace...Topshop, Shoes...Camden Market

Shirt...Rokit, Disco pants...Topshop, Accessories...Topshop


Wednesday, 9 January 2013 for exhibition (Valentino)

No posts in a couple of weeks and then they all come at once, and a double whammy in my A-Z for the letter E lending itself to the knowledgeable word that is Exhibition. There's something about an exhibition that leaves me feeling full of culture and new knowledge...a completely zen feeling after what a consider a well spent Saturday afternoon...yes you guessed right, my Saturday afternoon was spent at Somerset house this time for the wonder of Valentino. Like my previous 'Exhibition' post, Somerset house was once again set amidst its Christmas environment...bustling hoards of skaters desperately trying not to be the one that keeps falling over, the cold feeling oozing around the rink from the ultra violet light, the cosy lodge for those less brave (or choose mulled wine over ice) and all looking very miniature underneath the shadow of the huge glamorously decorated Christmas tree....only one difference this time, its not the first weekend of Christmas...its the last!!
***NOTE - if you are reading this and haven't been to the exhibition but are planning to, the below summary may ruin your surprise :)...just a little warning :)***

So after weeks of anticipation (especially since seeing the opening party photographs) Emily and I finally got our tickets for the 4-6pm time slot for the 'Master of Couture' exhibition. Entering into the show space, a border or white chairs hoisted in the air act as a table for the securely encased show invitations, press releases, iconic photographs before heading through to the main hall....a Runway - genious curating! Ever fancied strutting your stuff down the catwalk - nows your chance. As the viewer you walk at you own pace (or slightly rushed if you go at peak times) down the carpetted catwalk, whilst Valentinos most famous designs are exhibited as the audience. The same white chairs from the entrance follow on the theme, invitations lie on seats, whilst mannequins are posed in all different positions reinacting a fashion show. And so your 'model walk' is over and so is the exhibition and what a finale...THE WEDDING DRESS, commentary video screening and precious samples of fabric manipulation techniques beautifully merchandised in boxes. 
What can I say....'MASTER OF COTURE'

Video of the week...9.1.2013

So after being back in the capital a week (a very nostalgic...I miss home week) this weeks video is dedicated to home and all things Nottingham :)

E is for....Exhibition (Tim Walker)

So like the majority of my posts lately (new years resolution to keep on top of my blog :)) Novemeber the 10th saw me finally making a trip to the Tim Walker exhibition... Storyteller. Somerset house was setting up for the Christmas period with the ice rink in its first weekend, the weather was crisp and a slow stroll along embankment really got us in the mood before heading in doors...Greeted by an ecelectic mix of gigantic dolls in the door way, huge floating swans, spitfire planes, magnified bugs playing guitars...everything was SUPERSIZED. Enriched with colour, persona and of todays most talked about, visually stimulating fashion photographers of the moment...the exhibition didn't disappoint...apart from the 'No photography' rule :(

As much as I hate that these aren't my own photographs...all references are available through google images