Monday, 5 November 2012

Find me the sales

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

D is for display (as in fireworks)

Forget Halloween, for me this week has been all about bonfire night, especially when the weather is as autumny as it was yesterday. Ok so I know it wasn't 'officially' guy fawkes night but last night saw Battersea Park put on their annual bonfire and firework display show, lazers, synchronised music, food ranging from the classic hot dog to noodles and hog roasts, glow sticks, layers and layers of fallen leaves on the ground, hand numbing coldness, hats, scarves, thick winter coats and crowds upon crowds of people pushing to get a taster of the heat coming off the bonfire, trawling the gates, strolling down chelsea embankment and over chelsea bridge culminating in a spectacular show to the sounds of 'London's calling' "LDN' "Price tag' and 'Perfect day'

All photographs are my own