Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's absolutly essential to have a new wardrobe for holidays right???????

So.....for those of you who didnt know I fly off to the sun for a week of relaxing, sunbathing and cocktails on Sunday (and it cant come quick enough!!!) My original plan was to only buy the 'holiday necessities' in a bid to try and save money (as it was only September when I last went - I didnt need to buy anything else????) Well yesterday afternoon saw me trying to customise outfits together and I have never been so unhappy with my holiday collection....dresses (only a few weeks old) seemed too 'night out' as opposed to lazing in a cocktail bar chic, my fav maxi dress of last summer appeared to 'I'm on holiday so wearing a maxi dress' and my array of boho inspired jewellery isn't as big a collection as I remembered. As my last night shift of the week (and break up day) draws nearer, thank god for not spending all my uniform choices at once, maybe I should head into town now.....I only have 4 hours before work starts.........

Heres a few of the pieces I'm hoping (praying) look nice and can resolve my outfit dilemma!!!!! Happy holidays

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