Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Portobello prints and fluros

What a perfect day Saturday was.......
Nat came down for the day, the rain kept away and the sun kept coming out to say hello and we didnt half cover some miles of West London. Rendezvous on Berwick street first of all for some farbic shopping (wow this bought back some memories) and then off to Portobello Road. Crowds flocked from Notting Hill Gate whilst Nikons zoomed, clicked and captured poses. It was quite a tame day in terms of spending which was a surprise....I did the usual debating over a shirt (it was £5 what was I even considering) ultimately I got it and yes I do still like it although for how long it remains on my wearable list without some customisation is anyones guess. After last weekend spent trawling up and down Oxford Street (Topshop, Boots, American Apparell - to name a few) in search of a fluro orange varnish.....a pink and orange was there in a lovely dark brown wicker basket staring at me as I walked past for the grnd total of £2 for both, Im guessing it will be a top up job every evening, although who knows - Il keep you posted - No one likes a chipped nail do they :)


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