Monday, 21 October 2013

A fairytale Sunday

 Black and white outlined buildings with a pop of colour bordering window sills and doors, all as narrow as one another with slate roofs that look as though they're bowing and traditional brick chimneys set alongside a shallow rocky river with a wrought iron bridge to cross from one side to the other - all this amongst a back drop of thick cartoon like forest trees, as tall as they are wide and all sporting an autumnal shade of green, yellow, orange, brown, red, orange - Picture set????????

Last weekend we headed an hour away from Liege into Monscheau (Germany) for a Hanzel and Gretal style Sunday afternoon, meandering down through the cobbled streets stopping for a browse in the crafty shops - Yes I stereotypically bought myself some Tomatao mustard as I do when I take myself into these speciality stores, its lid covered in a cute red and white gingham cloth whilst the container itself sported an authentic blue stamp style label on an amazing ceramic pot (the packaging obviously had nothing to do with why I wanted it :) )

For lunch we headed up stairs to a traditional bar sporting dark wooden interior and in true 'Sophie style' I ordered the local beer speciality, considering I would normally only order 1/2 pint I easilly polished off the 1/2 litre they served me :) accompanied by a lovely thick onion soup with cheesy croutons. 
More browsing and spending followed in the afternoon as we made our way back to the car for an alternate drive home and stop off in L'ombourug - a quaint little village en route back for a 'cheeky beer' - When in Belgium :) :) :)
All photographs are my own

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