Friday, 21 September 2012

So this has ended up being a post about Burgundy!!!!

This has accidently ended up being a shrine to the Autumn/Winter shade that is Burgundy...With pay day only a week away (hurry up) and a much thicker, warmer, chunkier (have I justified enough yet) wardrobe very much needed, this post was supposed to be a snippet of the key pieces I'll be investing in over the coming weeks, however true 'Sophie' style I head straight to the deep, warm pallets of burgundy (several tones maybe but still Burgundy)and still TOPSHOP!!!!! (of course)

I will obviously need a nice new winter dress to replace the ever worn tie-dye jersey of the summer

I will obviously need to keep my head warm...well I can pretend thats what its for

I will obviously need a daytime to evening jumper

I will obviously HAVE to have a new pair of boots

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