Friday, 21 September 2012

Up on the roof

Miserable, grey, rainy, Friday afternoon in the middle of September...who would of thought that 6 days ago we were still basking in (well maybe a slight exaggeration but I was in the garden in a strapless dress on Saturday afternoon anyway) It seems pretty safe to say that with the dullness of today and the chills of the last couple of days that Summer (or what we saw of it yet again) has left us for another year. So to cling onto the hopes of an Indian least until we hit October heres a very belated post on an outstanding summer venue for evening cocktails.

Its hard to believe that in the midst of busy Regent Street you'd be able to find somewhere as tranquil, chilled and definitely a place to be seen. Aqua Spirit overlooks Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Argyll Street....well Soho in general from its fabulous rooftop location. Exotic cocktails, refined, holiday reminiscent sounds and if your lucky enough to time it right an amazing sun filled skyline of the capital city.

Lets pray for some crispy autumn lunchtimes/ evenings so that we dont have to leave it another year before returning. 

All photographs are my own

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  1. This post has got me lusting for Cyprus and all inclusive cocktails :)
    It's raining where I am too, how depressing. I hope for the same as you! aha xoxo