Tuesday, 23 October 2012

B is for ....Borough Market

B - Boar fresh pasta with a choice of either, pesto, tomato or cream sauce, and of course topped with fresh Parmesan
O - Ostrich - produce of the week (w/c..22.10.2012)
R - Raspberry, strawberry, sweet chilli, to name a few of the homemade conserves
O - Other...for all those lovely traders that are too unique to fit into a category
U - Underground station...London Bridge
G - Green market...hosting a wide variety of smaller stalls
H - Hot dogs with onions and gherkins

M - Munchkin pumpkins...two day visit from Foxes farm produce in time for Halloween 
A - Artisans, selling produce deliciously created by hand
R - Recipes galore to experiment with
K - Kitchen demonstrations
E - EAT!!!! an absolute must here, do not turn up after lunch...you'll only eat again :)
T - Traders....the ones that make this possible!!!

Borough market, London Bridge

All photographs are my own

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