Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coat time :)

So coats are my thing...especially if they are 100% leather and have an All Saints label on them, or have a 'mod' feel about them and come in an array of colours, textures and lengths in Topshop, or if they have some ridiculous design feature such as an oversized bow that I know I wont wear again next season, or.....OK coats in general are just very 'me'!!! and every season I have the same old resolution that no I dont need a new winter coat, well in true fashion that same dilema has been thought about/ discussed and finalised when last weekend my parents came to visit laden down with around 6/7 coats!!!! but now Im begining to question that maybe the tweed boyfriend coat with detatchable fur collar in Topshop would look great with my new tartan trousers, or the burgundy (how very this season) leather jacket in All Saints is (like all my others) an investment....oh looks like I'll be purchasing one very soon :) :) Ill keep you posted.

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