Sunday, 3 February 2013 for Gods own junkyard (Chris Bracey)

For once not being able to read my favourite (not just because its free) weekly magazine on the day it is actually released worked in my favour.
To set the scene...bitterly cold January Saturday saw my obligatory (new year new me) morning gym session followed by a very wrapped up wonder around Broadway market, a much needed coffee stop and then a trip to Stratford Westfield (I didn't mean to purchase more knitwear but the weathers just too cold) So finally warming up on a Saturday evening, Ed Sheran on repeat (I cant shake that album off) a nice glass of red and the time has come to ponder through my mag.....and as luck has it an exhibition on its final day tomorrow....Perfect!!! With a quick trip into central already planned before another very cold walk (Hampstead Heath this time though) what an excellent diversion to add to the day. 
Chris Bracey's 'Gods own junkyard' was a pop up exhibition on Beak Street at the far end of Carnaby Street. Neon lights, old cinematic signage, retro advertisements and an intriguing "downstairs closed for photoshoot' (how i would of loved to of been a fly on the wall) a great addition to my Sunday morning.


*Photographs all my own*

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