Tuesday, 5 February 2013

H is for...Happy New Chinese year (Harrods style)

If ever a calender occasion deemed worthy or colour, texture, print and WOW...Harrods have ticked every box with this years Chinese New year windows.

An abundance of colours light up the majority of the windows, complementing those more subtle ones who shy away from the bold, richness and offer a more classy, rich, wealthy feel by adorning themselves in creams, golds, ambers and rust shades. My favourite (or is this bias from a girl) the dragon and its many pairs of shoes...ten pairs of legs stretch out from this over sized creature all delicately displaying some amazing pieces of shoe making art. Layers of ruffles, fabric manipulations, texture combinations (wow I feel like I'm back at college and analysing one of Dior's dresses) portray hours of craftsmanship (most people would question if its all worth it...obviously not as into the fashion industry as we all are) so if you get a spare ten minutes to go and view these Id definitely recommend it.


H...Happy new year
A...Animals galore 
R...Rich colours
O...Ornate prints
D...Display at its finest
S...So worth seeing


All photographs my own

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