Monday, 8 April 2013

Dont Dump Donate

Bought to life following Mary Portas 2009 television series 'Mary queen of charity shops', Living and giving is the charity concept developed for Save the Children. 

Although I've been pretty up to date with my weekend antics / exhibition and shopping trip posts lately this one seems to of slipped through my back log of photos (oh yes plenty more posts to come out of me yet) My parents January trip down to visit saw us walking miles - to give you a slight inclination of just how far - we alighted the overground train at gospel oak, walking up to parliament hill, round Hampstead heath to Hampstead village, down the high street (past Belsize park and chalk farm) through to Primrose Hill which is where my blog post takes place so I'll spare you the details of our final walking instalment. Meandering along Regents park road and the story book shops located there and we came across Mary's living and giving shop. I love browsing vintage shops, markets and charity stalls (its one of London's effects on me since moving) however I think its safe to say its not top of my parents to do list. This shop definitely doesn't look like a charity shop so I managed to prize them in (I'm still not 100% sure they realise it is :) ) The kitsch interior is great, bookshelves line the walls from floor to ceiling and I absolutely LOVED the unique, industrial 'tailor - esque' style mannequins (or more of a dummy?) in the window. The infamous 'Britain needs you' slogan has very cleverly been adapted to 'Donate don't Dump' and the grey and pink exterior with cute outdoor table is very reminiscent of a Parisian flea market. My next visit...

mary’s living & giving shop
28 New Kings Road

All photographs are my own

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