Thursday, 4 April 2013

I like to ride my bicycle

There was (believe it or not) one very spring weekend mid February  the sun shone, the sky was blue and there was a nice crisp wind...a perfect Sunday  As I head into central to meet a friend for a coffee and an exhibition viewing the amount of cyclists heading up and down the mall and around Trafalgar square was incredible, I stood outside the ICA envying these people with rosy cheeks from the fresh air and then Kim arrives on her lovely new bike envy and that decided it....I HAD TO HAVE ONE. The next couple of weeks saw many a hour browsing gumtree and ebay, a trip to Britain loves bikes (what a waste of time) and finally I found 'the one'.

13:00: Saturday 9th March 13: Mayfair...I only intend to look at it with a view to hopefully leaving a deposit to pick up next weekend - I mean how on earth am I going to navigate my way back on London roads back to Hackney (10 miles), although I love bike rides, I love country bike rides on cycle paths not dodging the hustle of Oxford street mid Saturday afternoon not to mention the angry big red buses.

14:15: Saturday 9th March 13: Hackney...I've only gone and done it :) :) :) 

All photographs are my own

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