Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Canal side galleries

My bike and I are very much becoming really good friends thanks to this amazing spring (well temperature wise summer) weather although I imagine if my bike could speak she would definitely tell me to stop pulling over and carry on with our bike ride instead of wanting to photograph everything I see and as you may remember from a recent post of mine, graffiti is up there as one of the top things I capture whilst on my travels....a general love of mine or just so much of it that I have to? Well the latter would of seemed more appropriate a few weeks ago however this street (in my case canal) side art is very attractive...I'll set the scene a little....
Canal side footpath, bright blue skies with a lovely radiating heat, narrow boats lining either side and clustering at the designated 'moor ups' along the way, a plain brick wall......how boring!!!! a brick wall covered in every shade possible, mixtures of neutral whites and greys bouncing off the vibrancy of the fluorescent pinks and oranges....how fabulous!!! These cartoon like / tag style / graphic novel exhibitions are truly a work of art....and what a bonus - a free gallery to exhibit in!!!!

All photographs are my own

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