Sunday, 19 May 2013

We Owned The Night

6 weeks ago we signed up for the Nike and Elle event ' We Own The Night' and what a great 6 weeks its been....after work runs, longer weekend runs, Nike training classes in Hyde park, a pop up dedicated area in Niketown and the motivation to buy new gym gear (like we ever needed an incentive to buy new clothes!!!)

Last night the anticipation culminated in what can only be described as an amazingly put together event....I'll set the scene (cause thats what I like doing)
Perfect running conditions...dry, pretty warm (compared to the rest of the week's November like weather), dusk at the amazing park that is Victoria, an event village cornered off for participants...tents, huge bean bags, DJ stage, huge screens, bag drop off point, changing area and the cleanest portaloos imaginable - are you getting the gist?

Gemma Ciarney, Paula Radcliffe and Lorraine (editor in chief of Elle) motivate us all and at 20:00 hours we set off, very cramped to begin with but the crowds finally start to spread out as everyone finds their pace, huge balloon lights form a tunnel with slogans such as ' This is your runway -  own it' and 'Run like Ryan Gossling is at the finish line' water/toilet stops and staggered DJ set ups throughout. An impressive sea of fluorescent orange storm around the park - my motivation - I have a nail appointment in the Elle tent at 21:15, better get a move on!!!!!!!
As the last km approaches the supporting crowds thicken giving us all that final burst to sprint over the finish line and what a greeting - a glass of prosecco :) As I head over to the Elle tent - (yes I made the appointment in plenty of time :) the atmosphere is awesome and what a great pampering session to finish off the race with. 
We all started the night with a bag holding only a bottle of water, and the essentials....4 hours later and we leave with bags bulging of freebies - Elle, wipes, coconut water, sweat bands, bracelets, dried fruit name a few! And off we head to the pub - I'm guessing for the majority of us it wasn't the usual Saturday night attire to be seen in in the pub!!!! 

What a great night - we definitely owned it and sad its over - until the next one !!!!


All photographs are my own

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