Saturday, 14 September 2013

A morning in the village

Its hard to believe that a stones throw away from the happening Dalston is the leafy roads of Stoke Newington....At totally different ends of the spectrum (for their both unique qualities) Stoke Newington is a chilled, trendy hot spot for a wander on a sunny Saturday morning. 
One of the first stops is the whole foods market - Im a sucker for well merchandised, bespoke foods- Its totally worth the extra £2-3 :)

Further down the high street and independent village stores start to pop up, amazing florists/ butchers / dairy shops and low and behold a vintage courtyard :)

Just a 20 min bus ride away from Camden, on a direct bus route to Oxford Circus and round the corner from hip highbury and islington.....Stoke Newington is well worth a visit next time your in the vicinity. 

*All photographs are my own*

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