Monday, 16 September 2013

The mystery bagel cafe

I ended my Saturday morning stroll through Stoke Newington with the most amazing smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket sesame seed bagel - the only problem.....I CANNOT think what this cute little cafe was called and remarkably I don't have any exterior photos - If anyone recognises this place please let me know what its called - Its on the tip of my tongue!!!!!
The name aside this is one super cute cafe, just the one bistro table on the edge of the pavement (which I managed to bag for my compulsive habit to people watch) and a breakfast bar running the length of the inside. A moodlboard like wall decorated the right hand side with an array of promotional material and a length long menu makes your decision that little bit harder - I'd highly recommend my choice, however when smoked salmon is concerned I am a little biased :)

All photographs are my own

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