Saturday, 9 November 2013

'The oldest inn in England'

26 years in Nottingham and never been to 'the trip'....Ben and Fred came for the weekend last week and believe it or not was the first time I'd been to this iconic pub - what a great excuse :)

Standing at the bottom of Nottingham castle, Ye olde trip to Jerusalem dates back to the 1800s. With rooms built into the rocks, low ceilings and carved in sketched writing in the roof its definitely kept its authentic charm. 

Real ales are the main speciality on the menu and in my case one of those pubs where you have to have a lager over a vodka!!!!!! Cant make your mind up? Try the 'trip n mix' a selection of three halves of your choice served in the traditional pint pot (the ones with the handles and dimples :) ) and presented on a slate board - sadly none of us opted for this but definitely on my next 'trip' (sorry about the pun....iI couldn't resist) if for nothing else just to get a photo :) :) 

We could all of put bets on Ben having this and guess what - we would of won :)


All photographs are my own

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