Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tourist Nottingham

As I earlier mentioned in my olde tripe post....last weekend we experienced Nottingham as tourists in the company of Ben and Fred. 
Settled in a lovely peaceful part of town, Nottingham castle is nestled alongside the old hospital on Standard Hill overlooking the park and on a day like we had last Saturday (one of those lovely crisp dry autumn mornings) the mass of trees bordering the old building looked gorgeous showing off their golden autumnal shades of reds, browns, yellows and oranges. Cobbled streets wind their way around the grounds with bars such as 'The castle' and "Fathergills' a perfect stop - if you've not already decided to go to the trip. 
Robin stands protecting the castle with masses of crowds hanging around waiting for the next to depart so each can have their photo taken with him - yes of course we did :) 


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