Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Christmas week in Pictures

Christmas week 2013

Perfect crisp, sunny weather for a few post Christmas dinner runs

 As of December / 27 - BACK ON THE GREEN TEA

 Chilled Saturday afternoon christening my new onesie and catching up with Alexa

 My good old Ruck sack comes out with me everyday and is now accompanied by my new checked scarf

 My favourite piece of make up (high beam), my favourite smell (Marc Jacobs - Daisy) and my favourite moisturiser (clinique) - Santa did good ) 

 Santa came

Durham Ox - Christmas eve meal - The most AMAZING cheese board ever!!!!!

 If only every breakfast could be drunk with Prosecco

 If only every Friday night could be a girly stop over in the Lace Market Hotel with prosecco and marshmallows

Lace Market Hotel - Halibut

All photographs are my own

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