Sunday, 22 December 2013

The sausage nightmare

So I mentioned in yesterday's post that my sausage at the Christmas German market last weekend had rid me of my phobia following my recent sausage experience in's the evidence

Never one to be tempted by a one pot meal (I like variety, a selection of nibbly bits, a sauce to dip into etc....) it was extremely unlike me to opt for the sausage platter, however when in a Bavarian Berlin bar it seemed rude not to sample the specialities.
3 different styles of sausage served on a bed of mash and two small dipping pots arrived and although I tried my very best to enjoy it, the majority was left!!!!! It was a definite sausage overload


And so I still needed feeding.....hello apple strudel :) :) I tried the sausage and its safe to say I will not be trying again, next time I'll stick to my variety of dishes - with a sauce!!!!


All photographs are my own

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