Friday, 10 February 2012

The step to Clinique....the 3 step

Having never been one to spend a lot of money of cleanser and moisturiser (former Simple user) I received the Clinique 3 step facial kit for Christmas and I can safely say it has changed my life......taking my make up off is my favourite task of the day :) :) 
Last weekend saw Christmas part 2 in my house as we celebrated with my family who battled there way through the snow from Belgium, antics such as; snowball fights on the drink influenced walk home, rounds and rounds of shots (Sambucca included!!!!!) and compromising with the taxi driver as to the best place he could take us on the dangerous snow laden roads resulted in a fabulous weekend and as my birthday/ Christmas gift I reveieved essentials to add to my now daily skin care skin is very much thankful :) :)

Morning three step routine

Added evening extras :)

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