Saturday, 23 March 2013

'& another great store'

Text message:
"Soph, have you heard of '& other stories' its a sister brand of h&m and cos, they've opened on regent street, Ive just read an article on it'

So until this message came through from mum two days after the launch, I had unbelievably not heard about the new high street phenomenon that is '&other stories'. Well ten days after receiving that text and four visits later, the collaboration that is h&m quality but cos design inspired is now one of my favourite places to browse. With a shop fit reminiscent of American apparel / urban outfitters my favourite touch to the decor is the Polaroid style photographs of the garments clipped above the fixture it is merchandised on, pinned up on walls as though in a studio and even attached to the mannequins in the window and any store that houses wonderland to name a few of the prestigious fashion / style magazines at its till point is definitely up there with the best of the high street stores.


All photographs are my own

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