Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The rivals

London bridge, Saterday afternoon, masses of crowds that can all be heading to just one place...Borough Market.
Victorian railway arches (very Eastenders), Saterday mid morning and a pleasent stroll along Druid street...food Mecca Borough Markets rival. Many of the stalls along here used to be regualrs at their infamous neighbours market however have upped and moved a couple of streets back using the space as the wholesale part of their businesses mon-fri and only opening to the public on a Saterday morning.  Druid Street, Maltby Street, Ropewalk and Stanworth street now form Maltby Street market. 
Beas of Bloomsbury house a large communal table and regularly showcase films as part of 'film night' on the over sized projector, St Johns bakery fill the street with their amazing (and very tempting) aromas coming from the kitchen they have at the back of their warehouse and the quese for Tayshaw cant be missed...from Rhubarb to Kale, a million of types of mushrooms and the juiciest looking raspberrys this is one hell of a grocers.
So next time the weathers nice and you fancy eating fresh pasta in the churchyard or you basically run out of and HAVE to re-stock up on the most amzing chilli jam, talk a walk a few streets back - well worth a visit


All photographs are my own

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